The Rules


There will be 8 teams, each consisting of 6 athletes and one captain. 4 teams will be made up of elite athletes, 4 teams will be made from universities. Each set of 4 teams will compete against themselves. At the end of the night we will have an elite team champion and a university team champion.

Each athlete in the team will need to participate in one of the first 6 events of the 7 heptathlon disciplines: 100m hurdles, High Jump, Shot Put, 200m, Long Jump, Javelin. Team captains will then be required to pick 4 athlete to run the 800m in the form of a 4x200m relay.


Points from the first 6 events are distributed depending on your position (1st - 4th ). The final 800m race is then contested as a 4x200m race with each team selecting 4 of their 6 athletes to compete.

The start to the 4 x 200m is staggered based on the number of points each team has, the team with the most points starts at the start line, every other team starts behind them depending on their point differential.


There are 11 points up for grabs in each of the first 6 events; 1st = 5 points, 2nd = 3 points, 3rd = 2 points, 4th = 1 point. 

After 6 events 66 points will have been distributed. For the 4x200m (800m) finale the team with the most points will start at the start line, after that each team will start 1 meter behind the leaders for every point they are behind. For example a team 5 points behind will start 5 meters behind the start line. The first team to cross the line wins the competition.


The inaugural Festathlon trophy, athlete prize money and a donation to the winning University athletics team.